Pecorino Val d’Orcia Stagionato (Aged) in a Cave

c.a. 180 days quarter Wheel 0,4/ 0,5 kg

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Pecorino Stagionato (aged)
The Pecorino Val d’Orcia Stagionato (aged) in a Cave is made with pasteurized sheep milk, it is kept for 20 days in a refrigerator cell and then transferred to a cave carved from tufa. Here the cheese matures naturally, acquiring an inimitable taste and unique essence.
Around 180 days stored in a cool place at a temperature of +8°/+10°.
We recommend wrapping the cheese in plastic where it has been sliced and then wrap with cotton cloth.
Recommended pairings:
With this pecorino we recommend pairing with various jams, the most highly recommended are those with FIG, ALMONDS, PEARS, or RED ONIONS. It is also delicious with a Balsamic Vinegar I.G.P. 5 corone Giovanni Re. The best wines to pair are structured red wines such as Orcia DOCG or Rosso di Montalcino.
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