Our shop is a point of reference for all lovers of quality made gastronomy in Italy

  • We put our name on it

    Why the idea of an e-commerce? They are the customers who ask us

    The online sale of the products from the Taverna del Pecorino was born in our shop. The idea was born precisely from our customers, especially from those who come for the holidays and who once returned home would like to repurchase our products.
  • Careful selection of products

    We are the first customers

    Do you want to know why our products are delicious? Because we love to eat well and because we know our land well, that's it.

    At the Taverna del Pecorino you will find all the food and wine products that, in our opinion, represent the best of local and in some cases national productions. Don’t you believe it? Open our catalog
  • Pienza and the Val d'Orcia

    360° of nature, culture, beauty and taste

    Living here shapes your taste, both for beautiful and for good things. If tourists are so enthusiastic when they taste our products, it’s all thanks to this land, as hard as it is generous.

    Pienza, an UNESCO site since 2004, in addition to being synonymous with beauty and the Renaissance ideal, is also renowned for the quality of its food and wine products. Above all, the Pecorino di Pienza stands out, one of the oldest cheeses in the world, still made today as thousands of years ago by about twenty producers and no more.
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