La Taverna del Pecorino

Gastronomic delicacies,the fruit of our beloved land, of the Tuscan tradition of the passion of its inhabitants

  • Pasquetti family

    Gastronomy in Pienza already existed in the post-war period

    The Pasquetti family is originally from Pienza. Here the grandmother Assuntina, already in the late post-war period, had a very small shop where shes old wine by the glass, pecorino, and local salami. Our adventure in the way of gastronomy starts from her, and then continues with her grandchildren Matteo and Valerio Pasquetti, who in 2001opened the Tana del Goloso in Pienza and in 2012 the Taverna del Pecorino also in Pienza.
  • La Taverna del pecorino

    A shop in the heart of Pienza

    In the historic center of Pienza - the birthplace of Pope Pius II - a few steps from the Cathedral, in a side street of Corso il Rossellino, you will find our shop "La TAVERNA del PECORINO", where you can find and taste a huge choice of gastronomic delicacies, fruit of our beloved land, of the Tuscan tradition and of the passion of its inhabitants
  • Our products

    Selected by the best companies

    At the Taverna del Pecorino you will find all the food and wine products that, in our opinion, represent the best of local and ,in some cases, national productions. Here you can buy the one-of-a-kind cheeses produced by the dairies around Pienza, the cured meats of Cinta Senese and Tuscan wild boar, truffles, extra virgin olive oil, spices and several other products worth trying.
  • Matteo Pasquetti

    The big shot ... in every sense

    My story in the world of gastronomy begins with the pleasure of good food. As my dad often reminds me, as a child I was always in search of “i succhi di frutta al salamino” or “salami fruit juices” ... it makes me laugh, but it is probably this desire to search for new and surprising products and flavors that have led me to here.
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